Standing up for what’s right.

Joe has always been dedicated to problem solving, fairness, and justice.

Police Career:

City of Racine Police Department (Wisconsin’s 3rd largest police department located south of Milwaukee)

Police Dept. Experience:

Patrol, Evidence Technician, Field Training, Target Enforcement Team, Major Crimes Team, Sergeant, Acting Shift Commander 

Police Dept. Training Schools:

Evidence; Field Training; Interview & Interrogation; Major Crimes


Joe is a multi-time winner of the prestigious Exemplary Officer Award for high quality performance and professional dedication, ceremoniously honored by the State of Wisconsin’s Attorney General.  He also received citations, commendations and awards for varied police contributions.  In one example, Joe was honored for independently tracking and arresting four street gang members wanted for multiple felony assaults including the ambush and felony assault of an off-duty police officer. In a second example, he was honored for twice within a ten-day period disarming suspects threatening knife attacks in close combat using non-deadly force options. As a third example, Joe was honored for leadership in the schools, in his problem solving assignments and for his thorough preparation of new police officers in the Field Training Program.  Joe understood that police work at times required firmness, and always fairness. 

Joe, an athlete into his 30’s, was highly capable at taking on violent threats to the safety and welfare of the people he served in Racine.  He also had a great understanding of the importance of a community-police partnership under the department’s philosophy of Community Oriented Policing. For example, in his squad car trunk Joe kept a football so during down time he could throw passing routes to young athletes in his patrol area. He also kept books that he would read to children that had just experienced trauma, the favorite books that he read to his own young daughters as part of the great Cops n’ Kids Reading Program. He frequently stopped by a local mission to make sure staff members were safe. Joe appreciated the importance of active and engaged citizens for deterring crime and ultimately making neighborhoods safer.

Joe has stated that the qualities of a great police officer are the following: strength and fitness, proper defense and arrest tactics, knowledge and appreciation of the law, integrity, courage, work ethic and restraint; additionally and more importantly an interest in serving, listening, treating everyone with dignity and respect, ethical decision making and following through, all under the guiding principle of compassion. He said that the badge is a symbol of public faith and trust. When Joe was in a leadership role he told officers under his command often that “you are the most visible representatives of our City, represent yourselves and our department with integrity.”

A Chief of Police that Joe worked for wrote to Joe upon his retirement… “we have been fortunate to have you with us. Those you have worked closely with will long remember you.  I have been in policing for 31 years and still remember those who influenced me.  Sometimes it was their consistency and other times it was a single act that showed personal integrity and character. You will be remembered for both.”

Joe’s police career ended before he wanted it to because of an on-duty spine injury. Although he has subsequently had to undergo multiple spine surgeries, and years of rehabilitation and pain mitigation, he set his sights first on a law school degree and now the Minnesota State Legislature.


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